Yamaha 225 hp 4 Stroke Outboard Motor Decal Kit

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225 HP 4 Stoke Outboard Motor Decal Kit

This kit was reproduced to closely resemble the OEM original, not EXACT.


Logo's are printed on premium grade outdoor vinyl and then laminated with a clear UV protectant.

The HP's have a black drop shadow like original, little hard to see in pic.

Please go by the measurements below for reference.

Side Color stripe is approx 29" Long

YAMAHA side decals are 3" x 12.75"

Small 225 is 6" x 1.4"

Side Four Stroke decals are 8.75" x .75"

Rear Four Stroke decal is 6.25" x .80"

Rear Fuel Injection is 4.25" x .25"

Front YAMAHA with Star is 3.75" x .75"

KITS NOW INCLUDE The Ultra low emissions decal (2.5" x 1.8")