2015 - 2020 Ford Super Duty 3M Reflective Safety Door Inserts Kit

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Front and back doors this kit covers you!

this listing is for your choice of either white reflective decals or black reflective decals please select either first.

please note there are rubber inserts on the front doors they you can easily take out first so you can lay the decal over and the cut out with a knife the shapes so the rubber insert can go back in

please note that BLACK reflective is black and when the flash goes off or light hits it you will see the decal. same for the white reflective

easy to install although we do recommend professional install to help make sure proper line up.

please note when using reflective vinyl once it is on there is no pulling back up or else you will notice dark shadows in the vinyl after.


Keep safe while your doors are open either at home, on a job or pulled over to the side of the road with these Ford F-150 Door Inserts. Make sure other drivers see you when you have your doors open with these 3M Branded inserts. They Fit directly into the door insert area.